The research that we carry out for our customers has a high value at executive level when it comes to measuring improvements.

Our research can be vital to businesses when spotting trends, measuring improvement and then acting upon them. We provide monthly reports to many of our customers that really informs them at the highest level as to what their customer base thinks about their service.

Because the reports are monthly, trends are spotted more easily and can be monitored. Our customers use this information to react to potential issues or dissatisfaction and to improve the relationship with their clients. Here’s what one of our customers says about the impact that our services have had on their company.

“I have worked with Viewpoint for several years and have found the service they provide to be exceptional. The monthly reports we receive from Viewpoint are analysed and put into Operation Unit reports which is sent to the relevant Directors so trends can be seen and improvements or best practice shared across the business.

If any client scores below a 5 for any of the questions an immediate email is sent to Keepmoat so an Action Plan can be raised to ensure improvements are made for that scheme/client. Therefore showing the client we listen to their points and make improvements, with the result being better client relationships. We believe this has improved our relationship with clients as they can see actions we have taken following their results. This also shows our clients how important we find their feedback.”

Tracey Ward – Customer Care Advisor – Keepmoat

Viewpoint is an award winning telephone research agency and social enterprise based in Sheffield, Doncaster and Leeds. We are a trusted delivery partner of local authorities, housing associations, charities, universities and the private sector.

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