Three-year STAR Survey for RBH

We have been chosen by Rochdale Boroughwide Housing to complete their STAR Survey over the next three-years.

In October 2018 we completed a one-off survey of 1255 completions to give RBH a base line for satisfaction. We will follow this up by completing approx 100 surveys a month from 2019-2021 to allow RBH to track satisfaction […]

Public Service Mutuals Research Survey

We have completed the first year of an extensive research project looking at the contribution and potential of Public Service Mutuals.

Public service mutuals are organisations that have left the public sector but continue delivering public services. Employee control plays a significant role in their operation and they are free from government control.

The Government Inclusive Economy […]

Viewpoint are experts in Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

Viewpoint are experts in telephone-based tenant satisfaction surveys for Local Authorities and Housing Associations.

At Viewpoint we conduct tenant satisfaction surveys with over 3000 tenants a month on a wide range of  services including: Responsive repairs, anti-social behaviour, complaints, gas servicing, adaptations, customer services call-centre, planned improvement works (Decent Homes), new tenants, out of hours repairs, […]

Sheffield University Fieldwork

We have started the second phase of a Sheffield University fieldwork project – collecting responses from 1000 individuals in relation to the Housing Plus scheme run by Sheffield City Council.

We are attempting to recontact the 1000 respondents who answered the first phase questionnaire in 2016 and will supplement the numbers with further interviews with people […]

STAR Survey – Norwich City Council

We have started work on a STAR survey with a new client – Norwich City Council.

STAR surveys are designed to capture key customer insights in regard to tenant services and their neighbourhoods.

We will complete the STAR by telephone on a rolling basis across the year. We will complete 1000 surveys in total, with tenants selected […]

How Our Researchers Can Bring You Results

At Viewpoint our tele researchers are highly skilled in securing responses. They do this through effective objection handling and rapport building. Out tele researchers typically achieve response rates of 65% or above.

We can collect a set number of surveys per month, or a percentage amount as required, and all of our research is conducted according […]

Measuring Improvements to Benefit Your Clients and Customers

The research that we carry out for our customers has a high value at executive level when it comes to measuring improvements.

Our research can be vital to businesses when spotting trends, measuring improvement and then acting upon them. We provide monthly reports to many of our customers that really informs them at the highest level […]

Fieldwork to measure attitudes to cats

We recently completed some fieldwork for a new RSPCA programme to measure attitudes to cat neutering among residents of certain Sheffield postcodes.

The data is designed to give RSPCA some baseline information before they start an awareness campaign in Sheffield around the importance of cat neutering.

We contacted a mix of cat owners and non-owners to get […]

Valuing Relationships With Your Customers in a Positive Way

Valuing relationships with your customers will always have a positive outcome. Viewpoint offer a service that allows this value to flourish.

Having a third party sounding board can be a very effective way of gathering valuable information about the experience your customers are having. Sometimes it’s harder to express your concerns or issues in an open […]

Our Surveys Provide Key Information That Helps Retain Customers

Identifying areas of concern that your customers have can be crucial to helping you retain your customers over a long period of time. Our surveys provide key information that can have a positive affect on your customers.

Having this information will help you to respond in the right way when providing a service for your customers. […]