Viewpoint is a social enterprise. Our mission is to provide a high quality research service delivered in an innovative way – by employing people removed from the job market such as the long term unemployed or those with a disability.

Across our three offices in Sheffield, Leeds and Doncaster we create sustainable, enjoyable jobs for people who most need that opportunity. Amongst our current staff team we have individuals with physical disabilities, mental health issues, visual impairments and/or who were previously long-term unemployed.

Our mission is driven by the need to make an impact on the disappointing employment statistics from across the country for these marginalised groups. Below are just two examples:

  • In 2015 the Office for National Statistics reported that the employment rate for disabled people is approximately 31% lower than for non-disabled people (at around 48%)
  • An RNIB study in 2017 showed that the employment rate for blind or partially sighted people is far lower still, with only one in four registered blind or partially sighted people of working age in paid employment, and this number is falling.
Watch our video below to find out more about our social mission.

Employees’ stories

Quality Research Service 1

Trisha Blake

Trisha has been with Viewpoint since 2009 and Research Manager in Sheffield for over 2 years. Before joining Viewpoint, Trisha was off work because of mental health difficulties. Now, she manages the Sheffield team: delegating tasks, scheduling calls and conducting quality assurance checks.

“At Viewpoint you don’t have to hide who you are or how you are feeling. That attitude is so valuable to me. I really feel I’ve found my niche working for Viewpoint. I enjoy every minute of it.”